Frequently Asked Questions


What's the program for PyBay?

We're still working on creating the best program possible, but here's what it looks like so far:

August 10-11 (daytime)

  • ~ 8 pre-conference workshops (tickets sold separately)

August 11-13 (Friday 6pm - Sunday 6pm)

  • 500 Python devs!
  • Opening party on Friday night
  • 40 main talks on Web, Data, DevOps, Python Fundamentals, Internals, and Performance
  • 20 lightning talks and un-conference style Open Spaces (sign up at the conference)
  • Dedicated Hacker Lounges for weekend-long sprinting and mingling with open source leaders and other devs
  • Job Fair/Software Tools Expo and reception on Saturday night
  • Free yoga classes, plus $20 access to a world-class gym with an outdoor rock-climbing wall, racquetball courts, and a swimming pool, all to keep you in top physical and mental shape!



Where do we park at UCSF Mission Bay?

Please park in the garage in the building adjacent to the conference site on 1675 Owens Street. Daily parking is $30 per vehicle.



Where is the main conference located?

The opening night (Friday 8/11 6p onwards) will be held at Linkedin @ 222 2nd Street, SF. The main talks on Saturday and Sunday will be held at UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center @ 1675 Owens Street, SF.



What does my pass include?

Your PyBay pass includes continental breakfast, buffet lunch, a ton of coffee, a conference T-shirt, and goodies from conference sponsors. The more support we receive from sponsors and corporate pass sales, the more we can offer back to you. Last year, we received just enough support to cover video recording of the talks, the opening party, and the job fair/tools expo. This year, we're hoping support from our sponsors will enable us to offer 20-minute massage sessions.



Why is there tiered pricing for individual passes?

PyBay is a conference organized by the community for the community. Last year's conference showed us that people like to wait until the last minute to purchase their pass. That's super stressful for your conference organizers, as we don't know ahead of time how many people to plan for. We hope that our tiered pricing will encourage folks to buy their passes earlier rather than later so we can have a better idea of our operating budget.



Can I get a refund?

Sorry, no, all sales are final. However, you can transfer your pass to someone else.



Why should I buy a corporate pass instead of an individual pass?

Because you want to do the right thing! Following the philosophy of PyCon, the national Python Conference, we're trying to keep the cost of PyBay low so that it's accessible to everyone who wants to attend. We ask the speakers to buy tickets too! Besides, your company can get additional branding under those that support employees' education - a great way to standout in this talent war.



How do I apply for a scholarship?

Applications will be accepted on our Scholarships page between Monday, June 26, and Friday, July 28.

In the meanwhile, please help PyBay enlist more Scholarship Partners by creating excitement and spreading the word about PyBay. Tweet our conference highlight video! Be creative!



How do I increase my chances of being awarded a scholarship?

In addition to granting scholarships that will diversify our attendee group, we also value those who have made an extraordinary effort to better Python or our community. If you're one of those folks and need assistance in order to attend PyBay, please describe your contributions on your application to increase your chance of getting selected by our Scholarship Committee



How will I know if I have been awarded a PyBay Scholarship?

Grantees will receive an email with a special promo code to register for their free ticket by Monday, July 31.



What's the "Lounge" in the Diamond Level?

For the ultimate branding within the SF/Bay Area's largest Python developer gathering, consider transforming a 55 foot by 12 foot indoor/outdoor space into "Your Company's Lounge". Use it however you'd like to draw attendees: host talks, hold office hours with experts, offer informational interviews, provide entertainment... Your creativity and your budget is your limit!



How can we be promoted as a company that support continuous education?

If you work at a startup and 20% or more of your engineering team is coming to PyBay, have your VP or Director of Engineering email us. Tell us how your company is using Python, your team size, and how many of your engineers have bought corporate PyBay passes. Attach your company's logo (preferably 640 x 480 PNG with a transparent background) and give us a URL where you want your logo to link to. After we verify your info, we'll list your company among those that support continuous education.

If only your data team uses Python, you might still qualify. Just write us.

If you work for a fairly large company, once our registration system registers 10 or more developers from your company, we'll automatically list your company.



What's the "Massage" in the Gold Level?

We all know that a little dose of wellness goes a long way and can result in increased productivity and longevity. Show the Pythonistas you care about their well-being by offering 20-minute massages at your extra-large booth. You can chat with the attendees while they wait their turn. We'll even provide the massage therapists so you just have to show up and smile!



When will the various levels of sponsorship be exhibiting?

  • Silver Level Sponsors will exhibit at the Job Fair on Saturday evening, 5pm-8pm.
  • Gold Level Sponsors will exhibit all day Saturday, 9am-8pm
  • Diamond Level Sponsors will exhibit Saturday and Sunday.

See last year’s schedule for reference.

Please arrive 1-2 hours before your your start time to set up your table.



How can our company get more visibility at PyBay?

Consider our various Add-Ons. Print your message on the drink tickets. Dress up the bar with your pop-up banner. Name the keynote room and other meeting rooms with your company's name. Instead of offering an item for the bag insert, offer something special for the raffle. Give a lucky winner use of your product, services, or other prizes to engage your audience.



What's a PyBay Scholarship Partner?

The Python Community is often praised for its welcoming nature and its commitment to diversity. By becoming a PyBay Sponsor and choosing the Scholarship Partner add-on, you'll help enhance PyBay's diversity and assist community contributors on a tight budget to attend. In return, you'll receive the applicants' contact info and be promoted before and during the conference.



How can we become a Scholarship Partner? What are the benefits?

Scholarship Partners should first be Conference Sponsors, but it is no longer a prerequisite. Each scholarship costs $600, and can be offered in bundles of 3, 5, or 10 scholarships. Therefore 3 scholarships is $1800, 5 is $3000, and 10 is $6000.

Benefits Rainmaker ADD-ON $6,000 Closer ADD-ON $3,000 Entrepreneur ADD-ON $1,800
Number of Scholarships you are providing 10 Scholarships 5 Scholarships 3 Scholarships
Verbal recognition after keynote slot
Scholarship Applicant contact information (% of scholarship applicants) 100% 50% 30%
Logo on projector recognizing Scholarship Partners
Item in a special swag bag for scholarship recipients
200 word-description on scholarships page

  • PyBay’s Scholarship Committee will select and notify the scholarship recipients. If you have a preference for the category of applicants to receive your scholarships, please contact the Scholarship Committee.
  • You might be inspired by the example of PyBay 2016's Scholarship Partner Clover Health to publish a blog post to promote your extraordinary contribution to increasing diversity and helping those in need in the Python community!
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      How can my company maximize the exposure of our exhibit?

      Get a tablecloth for your 6’x30” table and bring a pop-up banner. Plan to fit most of what you want to display on, under, or behind your table, unless you're a Diamond Level Sponsor. Signing up early will increase your chances of getting a table near an electrical outlet. The photos from PyBay 2016 may help you get a idea of the layout.

      Gold or Diamond Level Sponsors should plan on bringing an additional pop-up banner to be placed on the main stage. Diamond Level Sponsors should contact Grace to schedule a time to discuss your multi-day setup, especially if you're considering running your own program at PyBay under “your company’s lounge”

      Discount conference passes can be purchased for booth staffers. These passes don't include attendance at talks.



      How much swag should I order for the bags? Where should I mail it?

      Plan for 500 pieces to be stuffed in the swag bag or offer an item to be raffled instead. The later is a great option if your company's already exhibiting so you can put your swag on your table. Depending on the number of items put up for raffle, we'll hold the raffle after the keynote, toward closing, or both.

      If you are choosing to do a bag insert over raffling something at closing, please deliver the bag inserts on Wednesday 8/9 or Thursday 8/10 to:

      *Delivery Address/Label:


      Attn: Erin Tselenchuk

      Your Company Name, PyBay Bag Insert

      44 Tehema Street

      San Francisco, CA 94105

      For materials you'd want at UCSF Mission Bay (banner, swag for the table, etc), please see info in this link.

      *If any swag or booth material is sent prior to 8/9, it will be sent back.



How can I help with planning the conference?

Thanks for asking! If you have time between now and August, we’d love your help in planning and organizing PyBay. We're looking for help with marketing, tweeting, creating a Facebook presence, building out our Django site and associated conference administration tools, coordinating with speakers, finding sponsors, managing our work-trade program, and managing lightning talks. Some of these roles come with a complimentary conference pass. Email Grace about your interest and experience, and let’s get the conversation going.



Can I volunteer during the conference?

Yes! We have 20 work-trade positions available. Depending on your interest and skills, you'll help with stuffing swag bags, staffing the registration station, info desk or food line, introducing speakers and managing session rooms, photographing the conference, tweeting... See the application for work-trade positions for more info. Work-traders will receive a significant discount to attend PyBay.