Itay Weiss

Software developer with lots of experience in Python, .Net, C++, Operating systems and Software security. Recent experience in Golang. Fulfilled positions as hands-on Senior developer, Technological supervisor and Development team leader. Initiated and implemented innovative projects and adaptation of new technologies.

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CPython, Grumpy, PyPy - When, How, Why?`

Performant python, Intermediate


I will talk about the differences between the three implementations. Focusing on use cases in which each of them should be used and how each environment tackles performance issues (GIL, just-in-time and Goroutines). I will also evaluate performance impact in real life scenarios.


I'll be going over each of the implementations (CPython, PyPy, Grumpy) and talk a bit about the way their implemented (GIL, JIT, GO) and show performance examples. I will show performance demos head to head and give a detailed description of when each should be used.