Yann Kaiser

When he isn't working as a Software Engineer at Criteo or taking pictures of cities, Yann develops Clize, an easy-to-use argument parser.

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Awaits, how do they work?

Language internals, Intermediate
8/13/2017 | 2:30 PM-3:30 PM | Robertson 3


Learn what exactly the async/await keywords do in Python 3.5+. Examples that bend the keywords' meaning will reveal how an event loop works and how asyncio-like frameworks could be implemented.


Python 3.5 introduced the async and await keywords. You would use them with a framework like asyncio to do multiple network programming tasks at a time.

Pausable functions? Doing multiple operations, sort-of like threads but not threads? What is this await keyword, what does it do?

We'll take a look at what happens when you use 'await' from the perspective of a framework like asyncio or twisted, and how we could use this for tasks that have nothing to do with networking.