Why Sponsor?

Maximize your ROI

If your target audience is Python developers in the San Francisco Bay Area, there is no better dev gathering to promote your company.

Elevate your brand

Sponsoring companies and attendees are among the most innovative and forward-thinking in the Python ecosystem.

Get the word out

Higher-level sponsorships offer more creative options to interact with devs to promote your product or technology or to network for your next hire.

Be a Community hero

Your sponsorship dollars also support SF Python, which produces 20+ donation-based educational events a year, as well as a local charity chosen by the conference attendees.

Who attended the Inaugural PyBay?

*Data from 500+ registered guests at PyBay 2016

Participant's Skills & Interest

Participant's Background

  • Benefits

    • 5 Minute pre-Keynote speaking slot
    • Extended exhibition time
    • Pop-up banner on main stage
    • Table at job fair/tools expo
    • 100-word description and logo on pybay.com
    • Logo on back of PyBay t-shirt
    • PyBay passes
    • Bag insert OR raffle item
    • Plus one of the following:

  • Diamond
    $ 20,000

    • Pre-Keynote
    • 2 Days Exhibition Time
    • Pop-up Banner
    • Table at fair
    • 100-word description and Logo on pybay.com
    • Large Logo on PyBay Shirt
    • 4 PyBay passes
    • 2 Bag insert
    • Lounge (+$3,000)
      Opening Party

  • Gold
    $ 10,000

    • 1 Day Exhibition Time
    • Pop-up Banner
    • Table at fair
    • 100-word description and Logo on pybay.com
    • Large Logo on PyBay Shirt
    • 3 PyBay passes
    • 2 Bag insert
    • Massage (+$3,000)

  • Silver
    $ 5,000

    • Table at fair
    • 100-word description and Logo on pybay.com
    • Medium Logo on PyBay Shirt
    • 2 PyBay passes
    • 1 Bag insert

  • Bronze
    $ 2,500

    • 100-word description and Logo on pybay.com
    • Small Logo on PyBay Shirt
    • 1 PyBay passes
    • 1 Bag insert

Add Ons: Logo on Lanyard
Open Space Room
Main Talks
Room Naming
Drinks at Job Fair/ SW Tools Expo
$6,000 Per Round
PyBay Scholarships
$1,800 - $6,000

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the "Lounge" in the Diamond Level?

For the ultimate branding within the SF/Bay Area's largest Python developer gathering, consider transforming a 55 foot by 12 foot indoor/outdoor space into "Your Company's Lounge". Use it however you'd like to draw attendees: host talks, hold office hours with experts, offer informational interviews, provide entertainment... Your creativity and your budget is your limit!

What's the "Massage" in the Gold Level?

We all know that a little dose of wellness goes a long way and can result in increased productivity and longevity. Show the Pythonistas you care about their well-being by offering 20-minute massages at your extra-large booth. You can chat with the attendees while they wait their turn. We'll even provide the massage therapists so you just have to show up and smile!

How can our company get more visibility at PyBay?

Consider our various Add-Ons. Print your message on the drink tickets. Dress up the bar with your pop-up banner. Name the keynote room and other meeting rooms with your company's name. Instead of offering an item for the bag insert, offer something special for the raffle. Give a lucky winner use of your product, services, or other prizes to engage your audience.

What's a PyBay Scholarship Partner?

The Python Community is often praised for its welcoming nature and its commitment to diversity. By becoming a PyBay Sponsor and choosing the Scholarship Partner add-on, you'll help enhance PyBay's diversity and assist community contributors on a tight budget to attend. In return, you'll receive the applicants' contact info and be promoted before and during the conference.

Want to showcase your company at PyBay 2017?

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